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Plasma FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: How do I go about creating a design to be plasma cut?

A: There are multiple ways:     You can go to and click on the plasma link and at the top of the page. You can then download a PDF file that has almost 3000 images which you can combine to make something to your liking. If you want to use any of those images we will need to know the file name listed with the image. We can also custom draw from photos or internet pictures that are of good resolution.

Sketch something yourself and email or bring in to It is much easier when we know what you are looking for in your “minds eye”. Even if it is just stick figure drawings, they can be very helpful in the layout process.

Make a template and bring it to Midway. You can use cardboard, paper, steel, plastic, or even an existing part as a template.

Come in and sit down with Brian and design something on the spot.

Q: How much does it cost?

A: Our prices are very competitive. You will find we have the lowest prices available for any kind of custom job.

The price is a $15.00 minimum for plasma ($25.00 for High Definition plasma) and $ 60.00 per hour rate for design fees and setup. Cutting is $120.00 per hour. (What does this mean? If it takes 20 minutes to draw something it will be $20.00 + cut time. So if the cut time is 20 minutes the price would be $40.00 + any design time.)

In most cases the design time will be very minimal if you are using pre-made images, as they do not have to be drawn.

NOTE: This does not include the price of the metal

Q: How long does it take for a job?

A: We try to have all orders completed in two days or less. Some jobs, depending on their size or how many orders we have to fill at the time,  may take a little longer. In most cases we complete the job the same day.

Q: Can I just walk in?

A: Yes, you can come in without an appointment to design something. If we can cut it right away we will, but orders are first come first serve. It would not be fair to the customers that have placed their orders to bump them because of your emergency.

Q: Will you cut out a company or sports team logo?

A: Yes, if you own the rights to the design or logo.
No, if you do not own rights to the design or logo. If you do not own the rights to the design or logo but would like us to cut it out, bring written authorization to reproduce it.

Q: How large of a piece can you cut?

A: We have a 5' x 10' table for standard CNC Plasma. We can cut anything up to 5' x 10' and up to 1 inch thick material with it.
With the HD Plasma, we are able to cut up to 10' x 12' up to 2 inch thick steel plate with precision and up to 6 inch thick plate with an Oxy fuel head. Holes cut with the HD Plasma are “bolt ready”.

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