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New Steel FAQ
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Is Midway Iron open to the public?

A: Yes. We offer a full line of steel, aluminum, stainless, and trailer parts.  Walk-ins are welcome. 

Q: Is there a price list available online?

A: No. Midway has thousands of different product codes, which can change daily as steel prices go up or down. Please call (320) 258-3003 and we will gladly quote your project.

Q: Are there discounts for large orders?

A: Yes. There are automatic discounts on steel orders over:

500 lbs. - 4% off

1000 lbs. - 8% off

1500 lbs. - 10% off

Q: Can I call my order in ahead of time?

A: Yes. We will gladly get your order ready for will call. If you do not have an account with Midway, we will need a credit card to bill.

** Please note that we normally cannot pre-pull orders on Saturday. We will gladly take your order over the phone and do our best to pull it before you arrive.

Q: Do I have to buy a full length piece (most are 20’ to 24’)? 

A: No. We will cut to length. There is a 25% charge for taking a partial piece. You get two free torch cuts per piece if you take a full length or a full drop. There are some products that are sold full length only.

Q: Will Midway Iron saw cut my order?

A: Yes. There is a $10.00 minimum (6 1/2 minutes of cutting and set up time) and $90.00 per hour shop fee for shearing. The shop fee for sawing and bending is $120.00 per hour.

Q: Does Midway weld orders? 

A: No. We do not do any welding, but we can recommend several shops that can help you out. We can do most of the fabricating so your order is ready to weld.

Q: Do I have to stop in the office first?

A: No. We have a drive through warehouse. Just pull in the north door and tell the guys what you want. They will cut it to length and load you up. Stop in the office to pay. If you have an order called in or need prices, please stop in the office first.

Q: Can I return cut material?

A: No. Please make sure you have the right material because we do not take back any cut material. We will return full lengths if they are in good shape and not rusty. Special orders cannot be returned.

Q: Can I just walk in?

A: Yes, you can come in without an appointment to order something. If we can cut it or bend it right away we will, but orders are first come first serve. It would not be fair to the customers that have placed their orders to bump them because of your emergency.

Q: Is your steel made in the USA?

A: About 90 percent is made in the USA or Canada. The steel is also made of 80%- 85% recycled steel.

Q: Is Midway Iron owned by an outside corporation or foreign owned?

A: No. Midway has been in the same family for over 25 years. We are the only family owned and operated metal service center and metal recycling center in Central Minnesota.

Q: Does Midway Iron deliver?

A: Yes. In-town delivery is $35.00 for orders under $500.00 and $15.00 for orders over $500.00. The out of town charge is $2.00 per mile round trip. We also deliver to the Little Falls ($35.00 over $500.00 and $50.00 under $500.00) area every Thursday for a flat fee.

Q: Can I get bending services on Saturday?

A: Maybe. You can come in and place an order, but shop services are limited on Saturday and brake/bending work is normally scheduled during weekday hours.

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